All of our employees and transcriptionists are bound by HIPAA and confidentiality agreements and sensitive data is restricted to only necessary, cleared staff. We have secure control over data and user access and provide different options for secure workflow. RDS systems and processes are built for security, compliance and redundancy. RDS owned servers reside in a data-center in Southern California.


We are compliant with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other privacy and security standards.

RDS deploys technology to protect sensitive and regulated data at all levels.  Protections include encryption of data both at rest and in transit, use of firewalls and VPN tunnels to protect data, as well as IP restricted access control and a variety of other methods. 

 Physical security and access control at our data center include multiple levels of control as described below as well as multiple redundancies to ensure smooth, reliable service.  Data stored in our secure cloud is housed in Tier 4 data-centers located in the United States with multiple redundancies.  We employ off site back up to multiple redundant data-centers.  Data retention and backup policies can be customized to meet each customers standards. We also carry cyber liability insurance and maintain support contracts on critical systems.  


Data Center Specs include biometric, two-factor access control

Physical Security and Access Control

Key Code access control system with activity logging & auditing. Hand scan based biometric systems. Video capture is executed at time of all entry. Facilities are monitored with 24 hour DVR systems and 30 day video storage. Complete perimeter and roof surveillance.

Power Capacity & Redundancy

(2) Units deployed in A/B configuration. Automatic Transfer Switches ensures smooth transition to backup power. (2) UPS systems deployed A/B configuration, PDU N+1 Transformers: Deployed A/B configuration. Onsite Transient Voltage Surge Suppression systems, Power Circuits: 120, 208, 220VAC available, in either single phase or three phase.