secure transcription services – compliant, modern, flexible

RDS understands the need for secure, compliant processes and the need for agencies to work with a vendor that can provide the proper tools and shoulder this burden for the agency.  Our flexible suite of technology allows us to rapidly deploy customized solutions to meet the exact needs of our customers.   

dictation options and secure file transfer

RDS Customers can dictate directly into our secure system using a mobile phone app, PC based app, or by calling into one of our dictation servers from a phone line.  

If you have audio or video recorded on another device, it can be uploaded to our secure cloud or on premises servers.  Completed transcripts will be delivered via one of these secure sites in the style and format you specify.    

Only USA Domiciled Staff – 100% buy american act compliant

RDS believes that data moving offshore cannot be kept safe and is not subject to Federal government regulation.  Don’t risk your agency’s reputation and compliance by work with vendors using offshore labor. Don’t just require it, verify it.  RDS uses only USA domiciled transcriptionists and staff, and all of our data is held in data-centers on US soil.  

Medical Transcription AND EMR delivery

RDS offers complete medical transcription solutions for hospitals and clinics of all sizes.  Our services our HIPAA/HITECH compliant and including all security and audit trails. 

With more than 45 years of medical transcription experience, we can provide a completely customized solution to meet any need. We can provide customized interfacing into an Electronic Medical Records system, including proprietary formats. 

RDS has been on the forefront of Virtual Scribing into EMRs where your providers dictate (the fastest way to capture patient documentation) and our staff Scribes that dictated chart into the EMR, following customized guidelines and meeting documentation goals for your organization.  We can reduce your providers’ admin time by as much as two hours per day.  


The medical transcription expertise of RDS includes all medical specialties including, radiology, forensic autopsy and surgical pathology. Our average medical transcriber has over 15 years of experience. Transcribers  are supervised by a team leader with more than 40 years of experience.  RDS has experience at every level of care including hospital/inpatient, large, national clinic groups and private practices throughout the United States.


RDS uses a blend of talent and technology to offer a variety of specialized services for medical facilities. Dictators can use multiple methods to dictate (phone dictation, mobile app, PC app, digital recorder, etc.). RDS provides secure, encrypted delivery via a variety of methods including EMR Interface, direct scribing, secure web portal and a variety of other options we can customize with your IT department. The hallmark of RDS service is working with your agency to customize a unique experience that meets your exact needs.


Each dictation is produced by one of our U.S. domiciled transcriptionists who has proven experience and quality scores in medical transcription. After transcription, every transcript then goes through our multi-tiered QA process with escalation up to our vastly experienced QA Manager until blanks, edits, or other issues are resolved. RDS will communicate any inaudible or other agency originated dictation problems to the customer in a timely fashion. After QA approval the transcription product is queued for secure customer delivery.


All transcriptions are secured using encrypted connections that are HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant and include full cycle encryption and audit logs. Security and privacy are a critical part of our business. All of our employees and transcriptionists are bound by confidentiality agreements and sensitive data is restricted to only necessary, cleared staff. Transcriptionists are required to complete HIPAA training and certification annually. We have secure control over data and user access and provide different options for secure workflow. All transcribers are subject to national and local background checks before beginning work.


Step 1

File gets transmitted via secure encrypted platform


Step 2

Resolute receives the file
File gets transcribed


Step 3

Quality assurance review of the file
File undergoes proofing, editing, and corrections


Step 4

Final transcribed product produced
File transmission to agency


Step 5

Quality check to confirm no agency corrections, if corrections, corrections made and resubmitted




Step 6

Backup, reporting, and archive

RDS employs a multi-tiered QA system

With a foundation of screening for and hiring highly qualified transcriptionists. Candidates are selected and screened only if they have experience relevant to the project.

Screening involves quality testing using materials similar to the projects being staffed.

RDS also employs a full time QA Manager and QA staff who screen all deliverables for quality and compliance with customer standards before delivery. Jobs are flagged for QA review by transcriptionists, proofers, or QA clerks, and move up the tiered system with the QA Manager on top, until they are resolved. RDS believes that this is the best practice in the industry and that it ensures the agency receives deliverables that consistently meet the highest standards.